2009 Football Season

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Kapahulu Raiders Youth Association, teaching youths ages 8-14 years the fundamentals of football; teamwork; discipline; focus; and making new friends in the process.

KRYA strives to teach our kids how to play the sport, not how to win it. Winning is a bonus!

It's all about having fun!!

 Weight Requirements (age as of 7/31/09):
Division:                 Age:                                Weight Restrictions:
Jr. Pee Wee             8 – 10 yrs.               60 lbs. – 105 lbs.
                                11 yrs.                     60 lbs. –    85lbs.
Pee Wee                   9 – 11 yrs.               75 lbs. – 120 lbs.
                                 12 yrs.                     75 lbs. – 100 lbs.
Jr. Midget                10 –12 yrs.              85 lbs. – 135 lbs.
                                 13 yrs.                     85 lbs. – 115 lbs.


Unfortunately, Jr. Pee Wee is full.

WE ARE STILL in search for Pee Wee & Jr. Midget players.

Representatives will be at Crane Park Pavillion on

July 16 & 23 from 5:15-6:15pm

If you have questions, please email lyntillus_boyd@yahoo.com or call
Mr. Lyn Boyd at 479-5227



Representatives will be at Crane Park on 7/16 & 7/23 to collect any documents needed to complete your childs registration. Please be sure to turn in all forms by

July 31, 2009


We are asking for volunteers in various duties to help make this season a successful one. In order to avoid a forfeit, we need MPRs. Other duties are chain gang, field commissioner, weigh-master, and field prep. All these duties need to be filled in order to have a successful season.

Business Managers will exchange affidavits and verify that the players listed on the MPR form are also listed on the certified affidavit(s).

 Weigh Master will conduct the weight in (calibrate scale with the 50 lb weight), fill out the Commissioner Game Report, initial the I.D. card and circle which ever applies Pass, Fail, Did Not Weigh, in addition to this he will record on the MPR sheet the weight of the player who Failed the weigh in.

Field Commissioner will check the field, greet the officials and record their names on the commissioners game report, clear the area for the weight in, the only people allowed in the area are the players and the team managers and the weigh master.

MPR personnel - Spotter (stays with their own team) calls out the jersey numbers of the players on the field, Recorder (goes across the field to record the jersey numbers called out by that team's spotter), 2 Monitors (1 will stay with their own team and monitor the Recorder to be sure that the jersey numbers called is recorded and the other Monitor will go across to make sure that the jersey numbers called by that team's spotter is on the field) they need pen/pencil and a tablet to write down the jersey numbers (this will come in handy in event a question comes up as to whether a player did play all of MPR)

Please inquire with one of our board members for more details.